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How to Prevent a Noisy Downspout

Updated February 21, 2017

If you're subjected to an incessant dripping sound every time it rains, it's time to take action. That annoying sound is probably originating from your downspout, the portion of your gutter system that diverts water down from the gutters and away from your house. You can prevent a noisy downspout, provided you find the exact source of the noise.

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Determine exactly where the noise is coming from. While the source of that dripping sound is often caused by water hitting the inside of the downspout, it can also be caused by water leaking from the gutter and hitting the surface below, or water hitting a hard surface as it escapes the downspout.

Redirect a loud downspout. If you've determined that water hitting the surface at the end of your downspout is the cause of all that noise, turn the spout where it bends so that water will run out onto a softer surface, such as soil or mulch. Always direct downspouts away from the house. You may need to purchase an additional length of downspout to redirect water effectively.

Install an insert to stop downspout noise. Downspout inserts are made from soft materials that work to deaden the sound of water as it hits the inside walls of a downspout. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the insert properly. These inserts are usually fashioned with magnets on the backside to keep them secured in place on the inside of the section of downspout that bends.

Hang a chain in place of the downspout. Rainwater chains are commonly used for collecting rainwater, but when used instead of a downspout, they offer the distinct advantage of allowing water to run off from gutters gradually and quietly.

Replace your downspouts. If your gutter system has simply seen better days, it may be time to have all or part of it replaced by a professional. Inquire about the best systems and materials for reducing noise.


Clean and maintain your gutters and downspouts annually so they function well in the first place. The end of the fall season is the best time to perform these tasks, when it is likely that leaves will begin to clog gutters. Clogs that impede the optimal flow of water may also create an annoying downspout dripping noise.


Always be cautious when using a ladder to access and clean gutters.

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Things You'll Need

  • Downspout insert (optional)
  • Rainwater chain (optional)

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