How to bleed air from water pipes

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Air accumulation in water pipes can create loud clanging and banging sounds as water is turned on and off. This situation can be easily corrected by bleeding the air from the pipes.

Air bleeding is a simple procedure requiring few tools and little plumbing experience but can result in improved water flow and a home that is significantly more quiet.

The air bleeding process typically will require about twenty minutes to complete.

Turn off the main water supply to your house.

Locate the faucet or spigot that is situated at the lowest point for your house. Typically this will be an outside spigot.

Fasten a hose to this spigot and position the exit end of hose away from the house. Open this spigot.

Inside the house, open several (most) faucets.

Keep all faucets open until water no longer drains from the hose connected to the lowest located faucet/spigot.

Close the outside (lowest point) spigot once water no longer drains from it. Then turn on main water supply to the house.

Leave inside faucets open and allow these to run until the gurgling/spitting sound is no loner heard. Once the gurgling/spitting stops in all faucets the lines are free of air and all faucets may be closed.