Video transcription

Hi, my name is Christ Wade, and I'm a Contractor from the City of Los Angeles. And today, we're going to show you how to clean tile using peroxide and baking soda. Here we are in our floor tile and I'm going to, first I'm going to spread some baking soda out. Pretty much its on the areas of cleaning obviously. It doesn't take much and you want to spray your peroxide on top of that. Mostly the areas that you can see, visually see any of the hard stains that you want to do. You want to let it sit for three or four or five minutes and you just want to take a common household sponge, as you know, you got this sponge side and you got the little bit harsher side. You want to use that to go ahead and start wiping in circular motions; just hitting the area that clean, that has some of the stains, some of the most stains. Just cleaning the area that have all the stains, it'll go, it's okay to go ahead over the grout. Clean up some of that too. Just keep going in circular motions applying not too much pressure and should take anything up. Pretty much any stain that you can get on here will come up. And you want to take the clean sponge; dip it in your warm clean water, wipe all that residue that you have just cleaned up; even a few times as needed. And this, that's all you really need to do for this, pretty simple task. I suggest doing this two or three times a week and that will eliminate any mildew build up, any mold and that's how about how you do it.