Video transcription

Hi, how do I dress in the Caribbean? I'm Wendi Braswell, the beauty and style expert. I'm going to show you today how to dress for the Caribbean. It's vacation. We want to keep it light. We want color. Think of the ocean, think of the green trees. The Caribbean is all about beauty, is all about nature, it's all about slowing down, man. So, we are going to talk about some tips that are going to help you dress in the Caribbean. First of all, you are going to leave your heels at home. You are going to leave your black at home, your gray. And any other dressy, fancy, smoozy stuff. We are just going to need shorts, swimsuit, some light cotton weight dresses, and you are good to go to dress in the Caribbean. Our model today is showing us a great outfit. She can run around sightseeing. She can go to lunch and still be cool. She's bright and colorful and very tropical-looking. So, we paired it with a basic khaki cargo short. You are going to need shorts on vacation girls. So, we just did a khaki basic short to the knee, appropriate. You can run around, you can do, you could pet the local animals. Everything in these shorts. And we paired it with a bright, colorful tank. Your sleeves are open. It's nice and cool. It's cotton and yet bright color. I love this scarf because this, also, if it rains, it rains a lot in the Caribbean. You can use this over your head. You can keep warm with it. You can protect yourself with it as well. So, we just pair this around her neck for brightness. This is how you dress in the Caribbean. Not like you are trying too hard. I did pair it with a fun little hair accessory right on trend right now. Clipped it right in her hair to hold her hair off of her face. And you are just going to keep it bright and colorful and cotton and lightweight for the Caribbean. Love it. Also, flats. We also did a couple of little fun accessories, bracelets if you like to, you don't have to. You are on vacation. But she looks adorable, and she is ready to lay back by the pool. I'm Wendi Braswell at