Video transcription

Hi, I'm Daniel Penselin, and I'm going to show you how to brick edge a garden. The things you will need: a tape measure, a trowel and bricks. First, thoroughly weed and clean the garden bed. The edge between the bed and your yard should be thoroughly divided. Measure the edge using the tape measure. Determine the length of your garden bed in inches. Acquire enough bricks with a few feet extra to edge the garden. Make sure to take note of the height of the brick. Finish the edge using the trowel. Create a trenches deep and wide as the bricks. Gently pack the soil to ensure the edge is smooth and will hold the bricks flush. Finally, lay the bricks. Place the bricks in the trench into end until it's completely edged. The top of the brick should be more than one inch above the grass. And that is how to brick edge a garden.