Video transcription

Hi I'm Dr. Raphael Darvish with "Skinpeccable Dermatology and Cosmetic Laser Center" here in Los Angeles, California and today I'm going to be speaking with you about how to get rid of calcium deposits under eyes. So today I'm joined by my patient Jamie and she has a small calcium deposit right here. It's those little firm white dots, bumps around the eyes and so step one in this procedure is going to be give Jamie some stress balls so if she has some pain she can squeeze. Step two I'm going to put my gloves on. Step three is going to be to sterilize the area. I'm using alcohol today and I have an alcohol prep so I will tear that and Jamie you can put your head back. I'm going to alcohol this area just very very lightly, good. Now we have the option of using anesthesia namely some Lidocaine, 1 percent solution underneath this first but the poke of the needle for the anesthesia is probably worse than the poke of the needle that I'm going to use to extract this particular calcium deposit. So we're not going to do numbing using a 1 percent Lidocaine solution, we're going to forgo that and go ahead and open up our 26 gage half inch needle here and we like the half inch as opposed to a full inch because it just offers a little better control. So, we have Jamie's head against something firm and we'll go ahead and spread open the skin here like that and go ahead and poke it. It is a little uncomfortable but really not too bad and we're just going to tear off that top skin there. Jamie how bad is your pain right now? It's not too bad. Not too bad. There we go. Just going to tug at that skin, not really going too deep, and so I think we got a good piercing there of it. So I'm going to go ahead and put my needle back into an area where it's safe. Now I am going, I opened up my sterile comedone extractor. I have some gauze in hand and I will go ahead and put some pressure on this lesion here and kind of slowly rock it back and forth. Jamie is feeling a little bit of pressure. There is a slight amount of bleeding but but really not very much at all, alright, tap it with some gauze. Okay so this thing is not completely out yet. We're going to just touch it again with the needle. Sometimes they can be stubborn but you can see it's just a firm white dot in there and when it comes out, it really just slides out. Okay Jamie how are you doing? Okay doc. Okay good. And then here we go, just put some pressure on it so the white part comes out and there you go. It slid out real nice. You can see it right there. Just make sure everything is out, just put a little more pressure, but really it's done. Okay so we'll go ahead and hold some pressure on here just for a little bit for around 30 to 60 seconds and this lesion will be gone for good. I'm Dr. Raphael Darvish and that's a brief overview of how to remove calcium deposits under the eye.