How to dispose of lipo batteries

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LiPo, or lithium-ion polymer, batteries can be found in such products as hearing aids, laptops and cell phones. These batteries come charged and can safely be disposed of in the trash, unlike many other types of batteries, after they have been fully discharged.

The important thing is that you discharge LiPo batteries in a safe manner before getting rid of them.

Set your LiPo battery in to a bucket that has been filled with sand.

Hook up your LiPo battery to a LiPo discharger. Set it to "Automatic Lithium" mode. This mode will allow the discharger to automatically calculate how many cells there are and cut them off without you having to do any calculations.

Unhook the LiPo battery from the discharger.

Place 1 gallon of water in to a plastic bucket. Add 1/2 cup of salt. Place the LiPo battery in the bucket and cover with the lid. Mark your calendar for two weeks. That is how long the battery must remain in the salt water.

Remove the battery from the bucket and wrap it in a sheet of newspaper. Throw away in your dustbin as you would your other trash.