Video transcription

I'm Tim, coming at you from the Athletic Garage in Pasadena. I teach class here. Also, I teach at IDA in Hollywood, and today I'm going to show you how to do the moonwalk. Okay, so the first thing you want to know to do, is to pick your foot up. Now, the secrets to the moonwalk are all in your weight distribution, meaning how you carry your weight in your feet. If you carry your weight wrong, your moonwalk might come out something like this, or it might come out like this. What you want to do is make sure you don't do that, and I'm going to show you how to right now. So, put all your weight into this foot. This is the foot you start with when you do the moonwalk. Pick the foot up, put all your weight into it, your right or your left, doesn't matter. Put all your weight in there, slide your foot back. Now, right here is where you make the difference between making the moves look smooth, or making it look rough. So, you have your weight here in your left foot, while you slide your foot back. Now, bring your weight over to your right foot, while at the same time, switching your feet and sliding the other foot back, okay? Important tip there. So, you start with your weight in the foot that's up, whichever foot it is, it doesn't matter, 'cause that's how you start the moonwalk. You slide your foot back, and right here, all at the same time, switch your feet, and pull your left foot back while putting your weight into the foot that is about to come up, like so. So, in doing that, you start with your weight on your left, slide your right foot back, put your weight onto your right, and so on and so forth. Hey, I'm Tim, and that's how to do the moonwalk.