Video transcription

Hi, I'm Bill Connolly, your artist extraordinaire, and today we're going to learn how to draw human faces with wrinkles. Our first step is to get our materials and I'm going to use a pencil right here that's kind of a darker wrinkle tone there. The next one is going to be an eraser that you're going to use to clear up all the mistakes, and a clean piece of white paper. I'd just like to say that wrinkled faces are the best. You get a wrinkled face come up. Step one is just going to be to draw a circle, and I have my basic face already there. We're going to divide it up and get the basic layout, the basic nose, the basic circles where the eyes are and a basic layout of the face is right there. You can almost see where to fill it in, and that's what we're going to do right now. Our next step is to take, we'll give it a huge nose and just bringing it down, a real nice schnozolla, and it's a lot easier to draw wrinkled faces than it is to draw, you know, a cute little baby, and your mom is watching you draw it and trying to, trying to make it cute, and there's really not too many lines there. I'm going to make some eyebrows there, and the wrinkles come right off. They just emanate from the eye, look at that, wrinkled here and he really lost a lot of sleep. He's got some serious bags under his eyes, and I'm going to make the guy here with, let's give him one tooth. Let's make it really good. His lip comes down here, and our final step is to fill in the rest of the wrinkles. It kind of goes like ripples on a pond. You've got one here, and then they all kind of come out from that one just all over the place. I see people that have lived past 100, and it's like somebody took a pencil and just drew all over their face. You've got these right here as we come down the homestretch, and it's like a design is what it is, just a little bit of hair so we can fit in more wrinkles. And it comes out there, a tiny bit of hair, one more ear and I'm going to darken these, just to finish up and make it look more like eyebrows. I love drawing interesting faces. And there it is. And, that's how to draw a face with wrinkles. And I'm Bill Connolly, your artist extraordinaire, and thanks for watching.