Video transcription

Hello, I'm Jacklyn Laflamme, I'm a professional artist with In this clip, I'm going to give you a few tips on painting winter landscapes with acrylic paint. You will need a canvas, you will need acrylic paint, you will need paintbrushes. When you think of winter, you think of white, you think of white snow, but you never want to use completely white. So, I've mixed some white and blue together on my brush. And, I'm just going to pull it down and see as you go with the brush, you can see I'm painting in a little snow mountain here. But, you never want to just have white, because there's all sorts of highlights in the snow. And again, I'm just going to do another snow cap mountain here, and you can see, I'm just doing nice, long brushstrokes. And, because I have the two colors already on my brush, I'm automatically getting the highlights in the snow. So, I have the white and the blue mixed together. Sometimes it's nice to put two different colors on your brush. Now, I'm going to take a little bit of light blue and mix it in, and I'm just going to start painting some lines across to get a nice, wintry-looking sky. And, you can just pull these lines across here, so you see you're getting that winter sky. You can always go back in later and add more detail. And, that sky is going to be reflected in the snow. So, whatever you do in a landscape, when you have the sky and the ground, you always have to remember that the light is going to reflect into that snow. And, if you want it to look like a really, really snowy day, you can just start doing some snowflakes as well, falling down. And you can just take your brush and just do, like, some dotted snow, so that it looks like it's a stormy, snowy day. See, just that easily, and you can just continue filling in your sky and working on the snow. And, you can always go back with a smaller brush and add more details into the snow. A little bit darker there and here. And, if you just keep on doing this, eventually, you'll have a beautiful winter wonderland. This is Jacklyn Laflamme, thank you for watching.