Video transcription

Hello, this is Christian from Mellow Johnny's in Austin, Texas and today I'm going to show you how to install a baby seat. First, you need to start off with all the equipment; all the hardware that comes with the rack and then once you've determined the proper fit for your bicycle you'll grab your, both of your tools and the bolts that come with, determine where they go. In this instance, we're going to go ahead and install the rack in this lower holes here. Every bicycle is going to be; just about every bicycle; you know it's going to be set up with one or two positions. A third position up here for the top of the rack. It's usually easier if you install the lower bolts and then once you have those installed; it usually takes a few turns to get those started. Once those are started you'll grab your other bolts. Go ahead and bend these brackets down here until they'll go ahead and thread into the upper mounting area. Once you've got in all four bolts installed, you want to go back and double check and make sure all of them are tight. Most of the newer baby seat models are, they basically have a basic rack assembly and once you've installed the rack; you go ahead and grab the baby seat. It will clip into the front here. There'll be two slots in the back where it slides in; you push that forward and then there's a safety bar that basically just clips right into this spot here and then once again up in the front up here, there's a safety clip just in case something were to come loose; that will clip around the saddle of the bicycle or the seat post. Sometimes this require a little bit of adjustment. Once you get the safety strap attached like that, you're nice and secure. And that's how you install a baby seat on a bicycle.