Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to plant a hanging wire basket. So the materials that you will need are a hanging wire basket. It could be something that you hang from the eaves or it could also be a pedestal type wire basket where it cascades from the top. You'll also need some soil, usually good potting soil or composted soil is the best. And you'll need any type of plants and usually cascading are the best, like ivies and begonias and any type of creeping snow in the summer type of plant. So the first step is take a basket and add soil to it. And if it's a wire basket you can always slip into that wire basket whether this is a corrugated type of material or you can put in any type of plastic containers, a lot of times these will fit right into your wire baskets or you can use moss or felt or anything to contain some soil. So next you add soil to your container leaving just a little bit of a gap. Next step, take your hanging plants, you don't have to use just hanging plants because a lot of plants that are upright you can use towards the middle as well. A lot of times you're going to have to work it out of the container too. You can always pick off some of the leaves that are turning brown or don't look perfect but they'll fill right in to it. And then you just make a hole and plant the plant right into your container. It's always good to loosen up the roots as well. The next step is cover that up with soil around it. So next step, continue to add plants to your container, some ivy and make sure just to put some soil over any part of the plant and it will grow and I always caution if you're using ivy don't let it get here your house or the ground or any trees because it'll take over and kill everything. So when you're using ivy and containers and hanging wire baskets always be careful with them and keep them only the basket. So next step continue adding plants. I've got a begonia here that will continue to trail and it's just beautiful. A lot of times I'll put the larger plants in the middle and the smaller plants on the outside. Next step, add some smaller plants too, they don't have to be just cascading, I love sedums, hens and chicks, even ornamental grasses in your containers. With wire baskets you want a lot of different color, textures and shapes in your plants so that they're really beautiful in the end. So once you've added all your plants to your hanging basket, hang your wire basket up either under the eaves or put it out in a really sunny spot if it's got some living plants in it and if there's plants that are tender, just throw your container in the garage for the winter and a lot of times the plants will make it and grow the next year. So it's really rewarding to have your own hanging wire basket.