Video transcription

Hi my name is Sarah Shoemaker, and today we will be talking about how to sew the elastic on your ballet shoes. The materials that you will need will be your ballet slippers, your elastic, needle, thread, and a pair of scissors. So we are going to talk about how to attach the elastic to your ballet slippers. And I am going to talk about two different types of ballet slippers, canvas and leather. First of all I want to talk about the drawstring that goes around the top of the ballet shoe. It is frequently now made out of elastic. At one time it was cotton, but the one thing that you want to do is make sure that you cut the elastic, and not tie it in a bow. This would not be what you would want to have on top of your ballet slippers. This is cluttersome, and possibly could come undone, and you could trip over it. But truly you just don't want it to look that bulky. So what you would do instead is tie it in a simple knot, cut the elastic drawstring fairly short, and then just take those ends, and tuck them into the top of your shoe so it is nice and neat. With a leather ballet slipper frequently companies that make shoes will now already attach the elastic for you. But if you should buy slippers that does not have a elastic attached the rule of thumb is to take the heel of the slipper, fold it down into the shoe, and then where it creases would be where you would stitch the elastic. You want to make sure that you don't stitch the drawstring that runs around in this cotton piping at the top. So you would simply take the elastic, place it where the creases, take your need and thread, and stitch below the cotton piping right there. Once you have attached one side you would simply take the elastic, go across the top, and sew it on the inside again at the crease, and you want to be sure to stitch the elastic on the inside of the shoe. The finished shoe would look like this with one elastic going across the top of your foot somewhat towards the ankle, and it should feel nice and comfortable, snug, but not too tight. Pointe shoes should be sewn by hand, but soft ballet shoes can be sewn on a machine. Canvas ballet shoes most of the time will come with two elastics already sewn toward the back of the shoe. The way that you would sew a shoe with two elastics already attached would be in a criss cross format across the top of your foot so it would look like this. Because it is already attached to the back you can just slip the shoe onto your foot. If you take the outside elastic, and pull it across the top of your foot you would attach it on the inside of the shoe at the height of your arch. And again you would want to make sure that it fits snugly, but not too tight. After the outside elastic is attached you would do the same with the inside elastic, and match the location on the opposite side of the shoe. And that is how you sew the elastic on your ballet slippers.