How to attach satin binding to a hand knit blanket

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Satin blanket bindings are readily available at craft and fabric stores, come in a wide variety of colours, and are an easy way to add a finished look to a hand-knit blanket. Satin bindings also protect blanket edges from unravelling with use. Attaching a satin blanket binding to a knit blanket takes some concentration and intermediate sewing skills. If you are inexperienced, ask for help or try a practice run on scrap knitting before attempting to attach the binding.

Unfold the satin blanket binding from the package. You will notice that it resembles a thick ribbon folded unevenly in half, with a narrow side and a wider side.

Iron the satin binding lightly if it has kinks or creases from being in its package.

Lay the knit blanket on a flat surface and pick up one corner.

Fold the binding onto the edge of the fabric. The narrow side should be "up" or facing the right side of the blanket, and the wider side facing the back, or wrong side. Begin to pin in place across the length of one side of the blanket to the next corner. Do not stretch the knitted blanket as you do this--keep your tension even and firm.

At the corner, do not cut the satin binding. Fold a mitred (diagonal) pleat and pin, then continue folding the binding onto the next edge of the blanket. When you reach the next corner, fold another mitred pleat. Continue until all four sides of the blanket are complete. If you run out of binding, open, iron, and begin pinning on binding from a second package, slightly overlapping the ends of the bindings.

Clip off any extra satin binding.

Thread your sewing machine with the coordinating thread.

Sew the binding to the knit blanket using a short running stitch. Be sure and tack down each mitred corner so that the binding stays flat.

Clip off any dangling threads.

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