Video transcription

Hi, my name is Mattie Sproul. I'm a Licensed Cosmetologist and I'm also a Certified Theatrical and Halloween Makeup Artist. And today we're going to be doing sexy witch makeup. You will need a palette, eyeliner, face paint, makeup sponges, compact or eyeshadow, brushes, foundation and lipstick. And what I like to do first is make sure the hair is pulled back out of one's face. A lot of witches can be green faced especially if you want to do, you know, the spooky witch or the sexy witch, they can still have green faces. But with this particular witch we're just going to actually do more of a smoky eye embellish some of the features that she has and we're going to give her a little mole; keep it on the more sexy side 'cause green can tend to be kind of scary. Now I'm going to grab some foundation. You want to be sure that the foundation you're choosing is probably around the same shade of your face. You can even go lighter if you want to look a little, you know, more spooky; you can go darker if you feel like you want to be a little more tan. I like to keep it probably a level, just one level lighter or one level darker; nothing too dramatic because then you really going to have to start blending down here, you're going to have to, you know. Now just take your sponge; I like to use the thicker side and just dab at the color. When you're applying foundation it's, it's better if you actually move in an upward motion. I know it's going to sound crazy; but it's actually going to make your face look more awake if you do upward motions as oppose to downward motions. Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to fill in her eyebrows. I think witches generally have thicker eyebrows. You can follow the natural shape of your eyebrows; you can use black, you can use brown; really any color that your eyebrow is. Use that color and then kind of brush out where the eyebrow goes and then you just want to make a flicking up motion and that'll give the illusion of hairy. And you just want to fill in her eyebrows. So now what I'm going to do; because I do want her to have a little bit of that witch look and we don't want to go all green on her face; so I'm just going to take this and I'm actually, instead of using like, a pink blush; we're actually just going to use a little bit of green coming down. Do you have a hard time finding the cheekbones; sometimes I do. You can make a fish face, like this and you'll be able to see the line. So we're also going to take the green makeup that we're using and we're going to put that on her eyes. It's going to make her eye look a little more indented and it's going to give a lot more definition 'cause it is going to be nighttime out there. So right here, "Don't move away", but right here we have just a flesh tone 'cause this is where the green is. So we have just this blank color that we can, we can color that in. You could leave it blank. What I'm going to use is this taupe color 'cause I like it the best. Just be, do a circular motion this way 'cause this area is circular and then just lightly put the color right in there. We're going to finish off her eyes using mascara. We'll do red lips. We're going to do red because she has a really big lips and she can support it. And for kicks we're going to give her a nice little mole on the side of her cheek. To make the mole, I like to just take the eyeliner; stick on the skin and twist it back and forth. So this is your sexy witch look and to finish this costume off, just wear your hat and the black wig and you got it.