Video transcription

I'm Johnny Miles. I'm the head golf professional at The Lake Powell National Golf Course and today we're going to cover a variety of subjects. The first one we're going to cover is how to stack and tilt. In the stack and tilt basically what you're going to try to do is keep your spine and your head centered over the golf ball at all times so that the club constantly comes back to the ball. So in that situation as you swing the club back you're going to actually tilt your spine so the weight stays on your left side so the whole premise is to stay centered over the ball, keep the weight on the left side throughout the whole swing. Now the stack and tilt basically deals with staying centered. I kind of liked their idea of a neutral ball position but it goes with really tilting the spine so that you stay centered over the ball at all times. The problem with that is most golfers are going to end up with a reverse pivot but I really would like to say don't try it unless you have a good professional there with you and remember amateurs teach amateurs to play like amateurs.