Video transcription

Hi, my name is Lisa, I'm a hair stylist in Wilmington, North Carolina and I'm going to talk about how to apply toner to your hair. Toner is usually a semi-permanent hair coloring product that is used either tint pre-lightened hair if you have highlights and you want to create a more, you know, warm color blond or a caramel-y blond, there's a, you can use toner to freshen up the ends of your hair after you have done a root retouch of permanent color, to roots that are either coming out white or you want to change the color of the hair, instead of pulling the permanent color through you can use a semi-permanent toner to do the same thing and it adds a lot of shine, it's a little easier on the hair, because it's usually a lower level of peroxide, that's used to process the, the color. So you can either mix your toner in a bowl with a brush, apply it, or you can use a bottle. You want to section it just as you would if you're applying permanent hair color, you want to take small sections, be sure you get the color evenly applied throughout the hair. You want to start, if you're toning allover, you'll want to start right at the scalp, at the roots, and then you want to pull the color through to the ends making sure you saturate each and every strand. You would really want to start on the top, especially if you're trying to cover gray. Toner will not cover gray, it will help blend it, but if you're doing an allover toner I would typically start at the top and then work your way down to the back. And most toners you process at room temperature, for about twenty minutes. And that is how you tone, use a toner on hair.