Video transcription

Hello I am image consultant Susan Bigsby at In this clip we are going to talk about how to fold a suit pocket hankie. And you may not have to wear a formal suit to wear a suit pocket hankie. You may be dressed casually in a sport coat or even with jeans. It just dresses up that look so that it looks polished, and you feel totally pulled together. Even if you are dressed casually. Most people, however, do wear it more formally with a business suit. Now how to do that my advice to you would be to make sure that your silk scarf is ironed before you attempt to fold it. If you don't do that these preliminary these already existing lines and folds are already going to be in there, and that is going to effect the softness of how the scarf folds. So seeing that I have not done that you will see understand how this will effect the outcome. Turn the scarf upside down, then you will fold in actually those lines you are going to be a guide for us in this particular instance. You will bring these corners all in to the center, and then also my advice to you would be to take these little tags off from the manufacturer. If you have nice sharp little scissor you don't need these tags there, and they may show, and interfere with your overall finish. Then you are going to bring those other these newly formed corners in the same way again to the center, and then you are going to do this with the remaining corners again. So you are going to fold corners, and fold corners in. Then what I would do is pull in the bottom part leaving only one peak if you will. Then you gather up the scarf such as this, then you take your little bundle, and you insert it into the coat pocket. And I like to adjust it a little bit put some folds, and some bends, and some softness in it so it doesn't look so perfectly peaked. And that looks great. It looks softer, and more casual, and like you didn't try to hard. This is Susan Bigsby, thanks for watching.