Video transcription

Hello my name is Dan LeSieur. I am one of the owners and operator of DK LeSieur. We are a landscape contractor in the lovely City of Washougal State of Washington. Today I am going to demonstrate how to use a manual edger. We have a soft edge here and what we're going to do is bring it out a little bit away from the bark. So basically you just take the edger, put it in the ground, put your foot on it, hold the stick firmly, push down, get it in the ground, wiggle it, pull it up, move over a bit, same thing, wiggle, get a nice deep cut, again there you go. O'kay we're going to take about two inches out of this grass to extend the bark dust. There you go. O'kay and with this one you can pull it up a little bit but you want to be careful. Now we're going to cut it on the other side so we get a nice good strip and if you're really good at this sometimes if you've got some bad areas in your grass you can take this grass and go plant it somewhere. O'kay, I'm going to lay it down and it should pull right up. Get your hands in there and now a nice good strip of grass. If you cut it back, move your bark in and you have got a new edge. It is a lot cleaner than what we had had.