Video transcription

Hello everybody my name is Mark Schusterman. I am the head softball coach and athletic director at The Gulliver Schools in Miami, Florida. In this clip we're going to show you how to slow pitch in softball. O'kay very important that when you're a good slow, you are playing in a good slow pitch game and you're a pitcher you have got to be a good defensive player too because you are very close to home plate but the real arc, the real art is to drop that ball right down on home plate to where it's a challenge for them to hit it and you'd be surprised how tough that can be to do. O'kay Sara, step up to the rubber and you're going to see that Sara is going to try to get extension, get her hand underneath it and get the ball up in the air. Let's take another one here. She's going to try to get that hand underneath. Now this when you're talking about slow pitch, you're talking about a ball that must reach a certain arc and then come down on the plate. Now the other way around when you're talking about fast pitch you're looking to create movement and drive the ball toward the plate on a line. O'kay let's take a look first of all at one more slow pitch. O'kay see the way it arced and then came down. Now we're going to take a look at one fast pitch. See the way the body totally is different, one is getting under the ball getting it up in the air the other one is turning, getting good motion toward the plate and driving the ball toward the plate looking to have speed on the ball. The other one is looking to have a little movement and height on the ball. The last thing that we're going to do is we're going to throw one more and we'll watch the difference again. Sara will get underneath the ball. This has been Mark Schusterman. Thank you for watching.