Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to how to talk about how to cut roses off a bush? Now rose bushes are such a delight to have in your garden, and it's so hard to cut the stems because you want to enjoy them outside. The great thing about roses is that you always have lots of blooms and so by just cutting a few out you don't even miss those and you can enjoy them inside. So heres a few tips. My rule of thumb when cutting out any flowers is the fresher the better, because if you cut out the ones that are already almost spent they might look good for the moment but as soon as you get them in the house they're just going to fall apart so it's better to get roses that have just barely opened and you don't necessarily have to have a long stem and when you're cutting too, the rule of thumb is to cut where it meets another leaf and at an angle. You want to put it in water right away and out of the heat because its just going to fade as soon as you cut it and so when you cut a rose too, I like to mist it sometimes just to get more moisture on it. The best time to cut a rose is when it's not opened yet, it's barely opening so that you can enjoy it for at least a few weeks in the house.