Video transcription

Hello, I'm Brian Kuszmar with In this clip I was asked to show you how to clean a coin. My first response to that is, generally speaking, unless you're a professional, you should never, ever clean a coin. Chances are, it's going to ruined and you'll take the patina off it, and you'll ruin the collector value. However, I do get calls, occasionally, from mothers saying "Listen, I got some really" or people saying "My kids have some really inexpensive coins", or "I have coins that are very inexpensive, and it won't make a big difference if I clean 'em, so how should I clean 'em?" One of the simplest and easiest methods I can show you is using, basically, soap and water and a Q-tip. And basically what you're going to do is you're going to clean the top layer off the coins. And, and again, you're going to just take a little soap, standard soap, dish soap is fine. And again, let me preface, this is only for very inexpensive coins that don't cost much. And you'll probably want to soak the coin a little bit in the soap and water solution. And again, this is for cleaning inexpensive coins where there's not much value to 'em. You just want to shine 'em up for whatever reason, or let the kids, you know, collect 'em. And basically what we're going to do is, we're just going to take the Q-tip and we're going to gently rub over the coin and we're going to clean the surface dirt off. If I was to leave this in here for a little bit, chances are what's going to happen is it's gonna...the dirt's going to flake off, and then, again, what I'll do is I'll pull the coin out of here and rub it with the Q-tip, like such. Put it back in there. And then I'll run it under some clean water, rinse off all the soap because the soap will leave a residue on it, and then just simply pat dry it. That's my recommendation for cleaning coins, and again, only very cheap, inexpensive coins. I wouldn't use chemicals or anything else. However, you can use silver polishes, or like a silver polish or some kind of polish, to give a high sheen on the coin, but again, please remember never, ever do that on any good coins. And before you clean a coin, you really should probably have it checked by a local coin dealer for it's value to make sure you're not cleaning an expensive coin, because typically in the business, cleaning coins is taboo. This is Brian Kuszmar from Thank you for watching.