Video transcription

Decorating a church altar for a wedding, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, make sure you talk to the pastor or someone in charge at the church to make sure certain decorations are allowed. Some churches do not allow you to decorate the altar at all, like in the Catholic religion because the altar is a very sacred place where a mass will be performed and you may not be able to bring certain things and put them on the altar. But when you're decorating around the altar think about things like wreaths and ribbons and candles because those are things that are very easy to clean up and it doesn't require a lot of decorations. So just remember to keep it really simple in the church because most of the time you want the church and especially the bride to be the focal point. When you do decorate, make sure you keep the colors in mind, the colors of the church and the colors of what your bridesmaids are wearing and what your flowers are. And keep those little touches all over the place. But do check with whoever is in charge about certain things they do allow. Most places when you have candles they have to be in enclosed, a cylinder of some sort so nothing can catch on fire.