How to Blend Snazaroo Face Paints

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Blending Snazaroo paints is a valuable and even essential skill to learn when face painting or creating temporary water-based paint tattoos. Snazaroo paints are a well-known water-based face paint brand, but they dry quickly, which can complicate the blending process. There are some techniques that you can use to facilitate and successfully execute blending Snazaroo paints. Once you have learnt these techniques, you can apply them to all sorts of face painting designs including rainbows.

Load a face-painting sponge with any colour by dipping the edge of the sponge in water and then rotating it in paint. Paint an area of a face a solid colour using round circular motions. This first colour is the base colour.

Use a stipple sponge loaded with another colour to be blended in. Load the stipple sponge by dipping the edge of the sponge in water then dabbing it in paint.

Dab the stipple sponge over the solid colour. These colours will blend and create a textured effect. Use this approach to accent and blend in any colour, even once the base colour has dried.

Load a soft-bristled wide brush with red paint by dipping the brush in water then rubbing it in paint. Paint a curved brushstroke across the top of the forehead starting above one eyebrow, going up and touching the hairline, then ending above the opposite eyebrow. This creates a red arch across the forehead.

Paint an orange line right below the red line while the red paint is still wet using the same brush. Have the orange line overlap slightly with the red line so that the two colours blend.

Use the same brush to paint a third yellow line overlapping slightly with the orange line while the orange line is still wet. This makes a three-color rainbow across the forehead with the colours blending slightly together. To further blend the colours, drag a slightly moistened soft-bristled wide brush across where the colours overlap.

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