Video transcription

Hey, we're going to show you how to use a bore snake grate tool to clean a 20 gauge shotgun. This particular shotgun is a, called side by side, doubled, it's an old French gun. Really a neat little gun. You need to, for these guys, break it down, take it apart like that. And then set it aside. What I like to do with the bore snake, it's not necessary but I like to take a little cleaner and spray it on the top portion of the bore snake. That just helps loosen things inside, all the powder fouling, lead that might be in there, copper. You take the little weight on the end, drop it down from the breach or back end of the barrel and you'll see it come through the other end. Just hold onto the barrel, pull this guy right through. It goes through a little tight and then it pops out. On a double barrel, of course, you're going to do this same exact thing to the other side. Drop it down in. Just keep feeding it in. When it comes out the other end hold it snug and that's one of the reasons I like to put this bore cleaner on, is it loosens everything up. Grab that guy, pull him out, and maybe two times of that, you're just absolutely going to have clean sweet bore on your shotgun. 20 gauge. Works on all bores. They make these guys for all types. I also will take a brush, doesn't have to do with the bore snake, put some cleaner on the brush and I'm going to go over all the areas on that gun that get dirty, wipe it off completely. We're going to go inside the action of the shotgun, going to use that same brush. And I'll take some of this, that just helps loosen all the powder fouling, dust and dirt that gets stuck in there. Brush these guys off really, really good. When you're all finished and it looks good take a cloth, completely wipe it off with a cloth. I may have to do that two or three times. Bore snake maybe two or three times. That usually gets the bore completely clean. When you're all finished check it all out, take a little bit of light oil or silicone, wipe it all over the firearm. All the metal parts. Wipe them down good. That keeps them from getting any rust ever starting on them. Okay then we're going to put it back together. When you have a gun, a new one perhaps, always remember you never have to force them. If they don't seem to go together right, stop, take a look, say what's going on, why isn't this working. It should be real easy. This is a very old gun and beautiful well made French shotgun that just fits together just nice, snug, a gun anybody would be pleased to shoot.