Video transcription

Hello, I'm Jacklyn Laflamme from I'm here on behalf of the Broward Art Guild. In this clip I'm going to show you how to paint a beach. I'm going to start off with painting the sky and on my brush I'm putting three different shades of blue and I'm just going to go right across, just filling in the canvass right across the canvass; just to get in a nice background, blending the darker colors and the lighter colors. And we don't need to worry too much at this point because we can always go back in and add the details and add the clouds, some little birds flying and would have view. So we're going to go a little bit less than half way across the canvass. Now we're going to get ready to start the water. For the water I'm going to put some turquoise colors and some blues on my brush as well as some whites. And I'm going to use the same technique just to pull the paint across the canvass and as you can see when you put the three different colors on the brush you can get a really nice water effect rather quickly just because of the colors the way they're on the brush and the way you're moving the brush across the canvass. You get the lights and the darks and the nice mixture of color with quite a lot of ease and we'll just go towards the top here and we'll do the top of the water and you want to try to get a nice straight line for your horizon where the water is going to be meeting the sky. So you can just keep your hands steady and drag the brush across the canvass just like this. It doesn't have to be a hundred percent perfect because the colors are very close and when you stand back and look at it you'll see that if it's a little tiny bit off, it's not really going to show because when you stand at the ocean and you look out, the water kind of blends into the sky. You just keep pulling those colors right across. We're almost done with the sky and then we're going to start the beach. For the beach, you're going to want to take a new brush and start; you're not really going to want to blend those colors into the turquoises because you'll end up getting a lot of muddy colors. So I'm just going to grab a new brush and I'm going to dip it into golds, coppers and a little bit of a dusty pink and I'm going to do the same effect and drag the brush across the canvass. So you see I've used the same effect for the beach, for the sand and for the water and the sky. And it's just a nice quick way to layout your canvass; I'm going to go right down into the bottom there. Okay, so once you get your beach laid out and your sky, now we can start on the details. I'm going to take a little bit of a smaller brush and I'm going to dip it into some whites and I'm going to start putting in some of the details for the water. And right now I'm just putting a little bit of white, kind of like a foam where the water would be hitting the sand. And you can just keep doing that and you can go to different areas. This is Jacklyn Laflamme; thank you for watching.