Video transcription

My name is William Perkinson and I am here to talk to you about tips on moving refrigerators. There is two reasons why you might want to remove your refrigerator. One would be to clean behind it and the other would be to replace it. If you are just cleaning behind it this is a simple process. Most new type of refrigerators like this one have four wheels on them. You simply would grab firmly but don't yank and pull slowly forward. You see it rolls out from the wall. If it is an older model refrigerator you are going to have to find something that helps it slide on the floor because you don't want to tear your linoleum or scratch the wood so I recommend a piece of carpet and you put the pile side down and put the back legs on the back of it and it will slide pretty easy. If you have got a tile floor you could try plastic caps from a coffee can or something like that. Now when you are moving the refrigerator you want to, if it is just to clean behind it you don't have to worry about the contents in the refrigerator because you can put it right back but you might want to check on top. A lot of people have had trays slide off that they didn't know were up there so that would be a surprise if you are not careful about it. Now if you are moving it across town you want to make sure that the drawers are empty inside, that the shelves are empty. If they are glass shelves you might want to remove them and pack them in something secure and safe so that they don't come loose, jar, break in transit. Alright we have secured the shelves inside and now we want to talk about the doors. You don't want the doors to flop open while you are moving across town. It can damage the door. It can damage the shelves inside can fall out once you have got them secured where they don't rattle around. There is two ways to keep the doors from flopping open. One would be with a good sturdy rope to take it all the way around the refrigerator and then secure the handles or the other and a little more simpler to get it on and off would be with a sturdy bungee. It is much easier, it doesn't damage the refrigerator. Some people like to use tape. Tape can peel off your finish and that can open a whole different can of worms. You will use or need to use a good sturdy refrigerator dolly, getting it up and down the stairs. The are dollies that have more than just the two legs on the bottom. They have a strap that goes around them as well and you'll have much better results using those than just trying to get your neighbor to grab the front end. I'm William Perkinson and those are tips on moving refrigerators.