Video transcription

Did you know that many viruses and spyware infections can lead to having other viruses and spyware infections infect those infections? Hi, I'm Dan Afonso of Enfold IT and Afonso consulting, and this is how to get a free, online virus check. Most manufacturers provide some sort of online virus check for free so you can try out their product. I enjoy doing this because it lets you know if they can get some of the newer stuff that's out there, they'd probably use a different way to obfuscate itself...obfuscate....obfuscate itself from current virus scanning technology. Getting to it's pretty easy. You usually just go to a place on their website, and from there, you download an Active X object onto Internet Explore, sorry Firefox users, and from there it'll do the virus check. The only thing it costs you is time. These things will take a long time if you have a large hard disc. To begin, go to one of the sites. This article should have a bunch of links next to it for a few sites to go to. You'll have Trends Micro-HouseCall, not bad. Kaspersky's also quite good. Symantec's Security Check, which is what I've commonly used. This one will try and pop up windows on you in order to get it, so make sure you have your pop-ups disabled to get to it. Now, when you pop up the window, you're going to get this. Security scans, checks for a lot of things besides that, but if we're just interested in a virus, we can just hit the start button here. It's going to ask you to go through a license check, you're not going to steal it, I'd imagine, so go ahead and say yes. And, now it's going to try and load the Active X control on to us, and the Active X control is, in fact, software running on your machine. You should be very careful about using these. Now, I do trust Symantec not to blow up my machine or steal my information, so I'm going to install this one. And, it's loading. You're going to end up having to hit install and continue a few times while it downloads the software, and while it downloads the definitions. Don't worry, this is normal, if a little bit of annoying. All right. And at this point, it's now scanning your hard disc for viruses. If you need to stop it for any reason, obviously you can push stop, or just let it go. And if there's any problems, you have a couple of options. You can manually remove it. They usually have the instructions on the site. You can buy their product to remove it. I recommend that. And, finally, if it's a common threat, many of these will have threat-removal tools. Symantec, especially, will have threat-removal tools for the top ten or so, like most prevalent threats out there. I'm Dan Afonso, and this has been how to get a free online virus check.