Video transcription

My name is doctor Endre Sos, and I will tell you shortly how to express a dog's anal glands. Expressing the anal glands of dogs can be quite discussing, and it's not really favored by all dog owners, but if you're giving the bath for your dog and if you are wearing rubber gloves, it's not difficult. You can easily learn it. Anal glands are bilateral small organs which can be found on the two sides of the anus of the dog and the usually the direction or it can be found, it's at about four and eight o'clock. So, the size is not so big. It's about a cubic in size. If you gently try to palpate them usually it's not difficult to feel. You can use a tub and if you also wear the rubber gloves, you can just avoid the very, very, unpleasant odor and the very unpleasant looking content of the glands. The color is usually brownish or greenish, and you have to use your index finger and your thumb and gently press it from outside after the spotting, exact spotting of the location of the glands. What is also very important if you can see that, that the content is not brownish or greenish but contents pass blood or is very thick, always consult your veterinarian because the gland and the inflammation are another problem which needs proper treatment. The regular expressing of the anal gland is important because it can prevent certain diseases if the anal gland is inflamated or there is a impaction in the gland, it can cause even skin conditions which are very, very unpleasant for the dog. So, the regular checkup and the regular expressing is crucial.