Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rokosz, your Digital Lifestyle Expert. Let me show you how to hook your PC up to your TV, which can be very useful if you want to show Internet videos, you've got a nice television at home or you're doing a business presentation, it's a good thing. Now there's several different ways to get it out. The way we've hooked this one up right now is using a super video connection. Now S video is what's going to come out of the back here and I've already just gone ahead and simple just plugged it in. And on this particular monitor, here on the side, is an S video input. Okay. So we simply put in one side of the S video connector in here and the other side in there. Now if you want to get audio with it, it's a separate connector. You're going to use something like this. It's going to look like a headphone jack on one side and on the other side, it's going to have two prongs, one for your left and your right audio. Okay. So all I'm going to do here is on our PC, I'm going to plug it into the headphone jack and now on this particular monitor, super video is only offered on the side input. So I'm just going to slip it in right in here. And I'm going to do red for right and white for left. And now we've got sound coming out here, we've got the other one coming out there. Now, some of the older models will use a DVI or a VGA. Now if you don't have a, miss right over again, if you don't have super video out, alright, you want to make sure that your monitor, some of the more modern, modern monitors, have a DVI input or they have a VGA input in which case you just use a double sided unit to put it on in there. If it doesn't, some of the computers like Apple and some of the PCs have a general purpose input, which means kind of a weird connection somewhere on the side of the computer and you could buy little connectors to put in there. So, one side it's the specially little connector, on the other side it's component, composite, VGA, SDI and you're just trying to match on what you want to do there. So it's literally hooking a direct to direct and then on the TV choosing the proper input and that's how you hook you PC up to your TV. I'm Rokosz, your Digital Lifestyle Expert saying, "stream you later".