Video transcription

Hi, I'm Amelia, and I'm going to show you how to foil. First, you want to make sure that you've got the hair sectioned off, and you always want to take a look when the hair is dry and styled, and figure out where you want those highlights to be. So you section off the pieces that you want to foil, and we're just going to start right here, so you get that hair out of the way, completely. You need a foiling comb, which is basically a comb on on one end, and a metal piece on the other. And then you need your foil. Now, you don't always have to use foil; you can use wax paper, you can use plastic wrap, you can use anything else. What you're looking for mainly is something to separate the hair from each other, especially if you're going to be doing dimensional color. So you hold that in one hand, actually, for your, we're going to put that down so that way we don't confuse you. Let's - you pick up a section of hair, and you want it fairly thin. Then, you weave, and that's basically taking your comb and bobbing it up and down. So you're just going to bob it up and down, and then you pull that hair up. You want to be able to read a newspaper through this strand of hair. You then take that foil, fold it over the comb, pull that strand tightly over the foil, apply your product, and then just make a simple fold. And you always brush to the side, because if you brush up, your product will squeeze out the top. And then fold again, bend the sides in, and that's how you foil hair.