How to Clean Pearls

Video transcription

Hi, my name is Rachel Youens of straight fashion site and a free lance fashion reporter and today we're going to talk about how to clean your pearls. Now the first step we're going to talk about is just to be proactive and that is not to expose your pearls to perfumes, oils, overly sweaty skin 'cause pearls are natural, they're really vulnerable to picking up on oils and chemicals so that's going to cause discolorations. We're going to take our first step and try to keep them from getting dirty at all. The next step we're going to do is cleaning them. What we're going to do is use and extremely mild soap. What I'm going to recommend is Johnson and Johnson's baby soap. It's got very few chemicals on it, it's very pure and you're just going to use a slight amount of it. Don't at all use any kind of abrasive material, the type of soaps that you might use for tarnish, stuff like that, is going to damage the natural pearl. It's very sensitive to abrasives. Also chemicals, this isn't the type of soap you're going to want to use with; detergents or bleaches. Try to find the purest soap you can and that's why I'm recommending the baby soap. So you're just going to take some slightly warm water, pour it in. I've already put my soap in the bottom there and pour it in. Let those mix and then you're just going to let your pearls soak for a bit. And after they've cleaned up, again, with the lack of abrasions, you're going to want to use an extremely soft cloth and you're doing, going to just rub the pearl a little bit. And even things like a towel might be just slightly too abrasives to keep the pearls intact. So just with little tender love, you can keep your pearls clean.

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