Video transcription

Hi this is Yolonda Vanveen from In this segment we are going to learn about how to prune our roses and the difference between pruning and trimming which seem pretty alike but they are still different so I would always remember that trimming is just like giving your rose a little hair cut and you can do that any time of the year, Spring, Summer, Fall, just to get some more growth and have them fill in. So when you are trimming you just kind of trim the outside and so you make it more even so that it can grow and fill up but in the Winter time or in the Spring or in the Fall periodically I like to prune my roses and that means just chop them down as far as I can so that they can grow lush again. A lot of times if you just barely trim them they never get lush again and then they do get kind of lanky and the roses themselves never get full and lush so if you really truly prune your roses you should have much more success. So the key is to go down pretty much as far as you can but you don't want to go all the way to the stalk so you want to leave a little bit more so when I'm going down instead of just going down to a bigger branch I'm leaving a smaller branch. I'm leaving at least one small branch but I'm really chopping it down. Again I don't want to chop it all the way to the ground because it might not come back. It might not have enough leaves to sustain it. So what I'm doing is just bringing it down to pretty much where the first leaf line is. You know how there is a first leaf line? And then that way it will really really fill up and then in even by a month or two it will fill in and then by next Summer I should have a really healthy rose. So a lot of times if I haven't watered very well or it does have black spots I have pruned it all the way down and it has come back lush again. Even when you think you have lost your roses or they're covered with black spots or they've dried out because you have forgotten to water them, there's hope, hack them back. Even hack them almost all the way to the bottom and they will grow new growth and you'll be surprised. You'll have a beautiful rose again next Summer.