Video transcription

Hello. Welcome. My name is Julio Nutt. I'm a master instructor at the Jim McLean Golf School in Miami, Florida. In this clip I'm going to talk about how to hit the golf ball. Probably the biggest misconception in, in amateur golf. Because many people, when they're starting to play the game, common sense betrays the general golfer and they're trying to lift the ball up. They're trying to help the ball up, they're trying to squeeze the club face under the ball and help the ball up. With the body and the weight. And that's hundred percent the opposite, hundred and eighty degrees the opposite of what you should be doing. To hit the ball, golf ball, instead of having the club, the weight into your right side and the club passing the hands and trying to hit up, you need to have most of your weight into your left side. And that's going to help. Keeping your hands ahead of the club face. And when you keep your hands ahead of the club face, with your weight into the left side, you're actually hitting down on it. You're hitting down, but the ball because of the luff of the club is going to react and he's going to jump up with spin. So if you want to hit solid shots instead of trying to hit up on the ball, do the opposite. Try to hit down and that's going to help you hit at the middle of the club face and you will get as a result solid shots into the air.