Video transcription

Hi my name is Dave Andrews, today I'm going to show you how to increase your download speed. Let's go to the computer and one thing that we are going to do first is open up Internet Explorer. Now what I'm looking for here when I open up my web browser is a whole bunch of tool bars. As you can see I only have one and that's the one that actually comes with Internet Explorer but it's ok. You might have the Google tool bar, or you might have the Yahoo tool bar, there's a lot of different tool bars that install themselves as you browse the internet. Those have a tendency to use your internet connection in the background while you are browsing even though you are not telling them too. So one way to increase your download speed is to disable those. To do so, go to tools, lets go to manage add ons and then select enable or disable add ons. Now this window that pops up right here gives you a list of all of the add ons that are running in Internet Explorer. And you have the option to enable or disable them. Another tip to increase your download speed is to increase the way or to better manage the way that your hard drive stores files, you can do it by defragging it. Let's click on the start button, let's go to computer and on Windows XP would be my computer. Right click on your C drive and go to properties. Then select the tools tab, and under defragmentation click defragment now. Now defragging your hard drive is something that you really ought to do on a pretty regular schedule. What it does is it organizes the files on your hard drive to where they are contiguous and not broken up and stored in different areas on your hard drive. That causes your computer to load files faster. And it will actually speed up the general use of your computer as well as browsing. And lastly we are going to, use a program called TCP optimizer, you can get it by searching the internet for SG TCP optimizer. What this program does is it has many tools for increasing, or better managing the way your computer uses it's network connection. The biggest one I think is the MTU settings for your computer connection. That tells your computer how large a packets it can transfer over the internet at one time. And therefore increase your browsing speed. For help just go to help and click online help. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just showed you how to increase your download speed.