How to Remove the Video Border From Windows Media Player

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Windows Media Player allows you to view movies and video files, and also listen to audio files on your PC. In normal viewing mode, the borders of the program window are present, including the controls. You can switch to full screen mode to make the video larger and remove these items. In addition you may also be able to reduce or eliminate the black or white borders around the video images.

Launch Windows Media Player by clicking on "Start" followed by "All Programs," and "Windows Media Player." You may also be able to double-click on the Media Player shortcut on your desktop.

Click "File" in the top menu bar of Media Player and click on "Open." Locate a movie or video file and double-click on it.

Hover the mouse pointer over the video playing and double-click. The screen switches to full screen mode with the video taking up the entire screen. Make sure the pointer is not in the bottom section or top section of the screen or the Media Player controls remain present. Proceed to Step 4 if the border still appears.

Click on "View" in the top menu bar followed by "Zoom," and select "Zoom In," which spreads out the video image and blocks out the video border.

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