Video transcription

Welcome everybody, my name is Lars Erik Robinson. I'm an illustrator with Lars Arts. Today I thought I'd talk about how to use acrylic paints, and how to use - there's a lot of variety of ways to use airbrush paints, I mean to use acrylic paints. And acrylic paints are basically very good, cause it covers really well. You could either go real strong with it or you can actually mix it with water a little bit to get that watercolor look. And basically I would believe acrylics in my view are a tighter form of watercolors. It's mixed with polymer, the motions is... there's a whole scientific thing about it, but... it's very good for getting your base color down. You can mix these in with airbrushes, you can use different kind of forms to - different kind of mediums to be able to paint with it. So I'm playing around here, getting a face going. We don't know what this is up here, but you know what, when you're painting, it doesn't matter what it is, you could just have fun with it. I always encourage that. Any time a kid asks me, oh, how did you get so good at drawing, how did you get to this point? I say hey, I always just play around, get tracing paper, copy your favorite characters, and that's just always great so... get the ear in here. So once again, just keep experimenting, that's how you can get different kind of paints, you can get airbrush paints, you can get more gel type paints, and just keep on painting, and enjoy. My name is Lars Robinson with LarsEr Arts.