Video transcription

Hi I'm Michael Burton with Michael Burton films dot org located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are here talking about how to use Microsoft Windows. Now I want to talk to you about how to turn on and off your automatic updates on your security center. Let me start off by saying that Windows XP is a registered trademark of Microsoft, and I am in no way affiliated with Microsoft. There's a couple of different ways to turn on and off your security updates. I'm going to show you one of the quickest ways then I'll show you a back route. Right down here on your quick launch buttons on the bottom right hand corner of your screen there is a symbol here that looks like a red shield, this is your windows security alert. Go ahead and left click on this and this will bring up your security center. Which is what we were looking for. This gives you information regarding your firewall, your automatic updates and your virus protection right now, virus protection is not found. I don't have any current virus protection on this computer. Now it gives you the option here, well it's saying right here that all your automatic updates is turned on. If we click on this it does nothing, it just tells us that our automatic updates are on and that it will keep our computer updated with updates from Microsoft and for Windows. So what we are going to do is if you scroll down here to the bottom, it says here manage security settings for, and it gives you the options either for your internet options, your automatic updates, or your firewall. Now we click on automatic updates. This opens up our automatic updates window where you can see it gives us the option to change the automatic updates, either to have it turned on like it says it's recommended. I have it set to every day at three a.m. Sometimes my computer is not on at three a.m. but sometimes it is. You can choose the settings, if you choose the drop down menu you can choose one of everyday of the week or you can do it everyday or you can also choose the time it happens. There's also another few options here if you go down, download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them. So you can have the updates downloaded and ready for you on your computer then you choose when you want to install them. It can notify you but don't automatically download or install them so it can, you can choose to have it notify you when the updates are ready but just don't automatically download them until you manually go in and download them. Or you can turn off the automatic updates all together which I don't recommend. Like it says here your computer will be more vulnerable unless you install these updates regularly and that's true. And by updates we mean security updates that keep your computer safe from viruses and other things that it notices. Ok we are now going to leave it on automatic recommended if you want to change it you would just click on turn off automatic updates and click apply, but we are going to leave it on automatic. That way it automatically downloads. So that's how you check your automatic, that's how you change your automatic updates settings. Now I already showed you the method to get to your security manager through your quick launch buttons on the bottom right hand corner of your screen down here by your, by your time clock. Now I'm going to show you another method. If you go into your start menu, go to your control panel, this will bring up your control panel, and right here on the bottom right hand corner you have the option for your security center, go ahead and click on that, and that brings up the exact same screen. There's your security center and you can go from there with your automatic updates again and turn it either on or off.