Video transcription

I'm going to show you how to make a "Purple Rain". There are many versions of this drink and I'm going to show you one of them. We are going to start off with my ice which I will pour into a glass just like so. Next up I'm going to add gin and I'm going to do about one and a half ounces of gin, that is one and a half, fabulous and then I'm going to add cranberry juice and I'm going to fill the glass with cranberry juice, I don't know about you but "Purple Rain" is one of my favorite movies. I'm going to then add a splash of blue curacao just like that and that is going to make it purple and then I'm going to go ahead and mix this up and add a little bit of sour mix, just a splash and mix it a little better, looking pretty purple and then I'm going to add just a splash of soda and very gently mix that a little bit more and pour that into a highball glass and that is a beautiful pale purple. Pop in "Purple Rain" and drink one of these and you will have a wonderful evening, cheers.