What Are the Juiciest Apples?

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There are many diverse types of apples grown in trees all around the world. The amount of juice in an apple varies depending on the soil the tree is grown in, the amount of rain the tree gets, and the type of apple tree it is. However, several types of apples are juicer than others.

Ginger Gold Apple

A harvest-season apple most commonly found in southern regions of Georgia and the Carolinas, the ginger gold apple is yellowish gold in appearance and is often palm sized with a thin stem. The ginger gold apple has a sweet but tart taste and is very refreshing. Because of its taste alone, the ginger gold apple is often considered one of the juiciest apples. The taste is enhanced by its higher level of natural sugars. This apple can only keep for about two months refrigerated.

Honey Crisp Apple

A very red apple with a stem that looks like a flower bud, the honey crisp is one of the juiciest apples in North America. This apple is often found in Southern regions, in places like Texas, Florida and California. However, it can also be grown during warmer months in the Northern states. It often has thin and subtle orange stripes down the centre with a relaxed texture and a profoundly sweet and juicy taste.

Golden Delicious

Another golden-hued apple, the golden delicious, lives up to its name simply because of the sweet taste that comes with it. The golden delicious apple is very tender without much crispness, but with an abundance of juice in it. A golden delicious apple can be grown in nearly any climate, but it does require more water to make it particularly juicy upon ripening. It is also a good apple to use for cider because of its high concentration of juice.


Some McIntosh apples are crispier than they are juicy; however, if a McIntosh apple tree gets more water, the crispness is infused, making the McIntosh apple one of the juicer varieties. These apples can also be grown just about anywhere as long as they have enough water to support their thicker and sturdier composition.

Red Delicious

One of the most common types of apples found in North American, red delicious apples are very crisp and extraordinarily juicy. Some red delicious apples will appear lighter red in appearance, but more than not, they will be a deeper red and sometimes maroon in tint. The only issue with red delicious apples is that they can often become rotten faster than some other types of apples.

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