List of the varieties of oranges

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There are hundreds of orange varieties and subspecies with many similarities and some slight differences. Orange trees produce a plentiful amount of fruit after the tree reaches maturity. Most trees are not fully mature until they have been growing in the ground for more than three years.

However, some trees may produce small fruits during the first year or two after being planted.

Workman navel orange

The Workman navel orange has yellow or light orange skin on the exterior and light orange pulp on the inside. It is a common variety that is similar in taste and appearance to other types of navel oranges. This orange is heavily produced in California and Florida. The fruit is juicy and sweet, but not overly sweet like some of the varieties classified as "sweet" oranges. Many growers produce Workman navel oranges along with other common navel varieties side by side in neighbouring orchards.

Pineapple sweet orange

The pineapple sweet orange is roundish, but much smaller than many other types of oranges. The outer skin is light orange, and the inner pulp is light orange or even yellow like a pineapple. This orange has several seeds located near the centre inside the fruit. This orange is very juicy and much sweeter than other varieties as well, hence the name. The pineapple sweet orange tree is more sensitive to frost than other varieties.

Ruby blood orange

The outer skin of the ruby blood oranges is dark orange, and the pulp inside is pinkish or deep orange, pink or red pigment. The orange looks similar to grapefruit when sliced open, however, the taste is still sweet like any other orange. The ruby blood orange is sometimes mistaken for a small grapefruit because of it's appearance. The fruit is medium-sized and circular.

Autumn Gold navel orange

The Autumn Gold navel orange has bright orange exterior skin and light orange pulp inside. This orange usually has no visible seeds inside. It has a light sweet taste that is similar to other navel orange cousins. All types of orange trees generally prefer lightly acidic, well-drained soils and full sunshine.

Valencia late orange

The Valencia late orange is a small variety with deep orange exterior skin. The pulp is medium orange in colour with a few seeds near the centre. This variety comes from Spain but is also grown in other regions of the world. This orange has a light sweet taste.