Video transcription

Hi I'm Amelia and I'm going to show you how to set your hair with pin curlers. First you want to make sure your hair is wet of course, then you are going to want to apply some sort of setting product. I like a nice gel because it gives a lot of hold and you want to make sure you always emulsify your product in your hands first and then work it through the hair. To make sure it is evenly distributed you are going to comb it through. Comb the product through the hair and this is going to actually give the hold that you need. You want to comb the hair into the shape that you desire. Then you create the pin curl, section out the piece that you want. I like to use a finer tooth comb for this, create a C shaping which means basically take that hair and bring it up and around and form a C. Then you take a slice from that C shaping and roll your hair into a pin curl. Now what a pin curl shape does is it gives a nice compact curl and when it dries you can either comb it out or you can use this as a detail in an updo or a more formal style. Then you just set it and hold it with a pin, put your hair under the dryer or just walk around until it completely dries and you have got yourself a pin curl so again create that C shaping, carve out that piece of hair that you want and just roll the hair into the pin curl. Secure it with a pin and let it dry. There you go. How to create a pin curl.