Video transcription

You know we all have things we want to share with our friends and coworkers, sometimes they're files or presentations or just clips of funny things that have happened. My name is James, computer hardware training coordinator for InterConnection and I'll show you how to take your files and put them onto another computer with a removable flash drive. Now when you want to copy your files you want to find out all the files you really want. You might want to start with your My Documents, your business files, your bookmarks, anything you want. How to do this is you go to start, we click My Computer, use this to browse to where you want to go. In our case we want to go to our Documents and we want our shopping list. We need to know what we want to buy at the store. So we're going to right-click it, go copy, because we just want to copy it to our external device. We go back to My Computer again, so now we have two windows open and there is our external storage device right there. We open it, we right-click anywhere, hit paste, and we've just copied one file from our hard drive to our external storage device. It's that simple. Now we just rinse and repeat for the all the files you need. You can remove the external device and you just transferred your data. My name is James and I just showed you how to transfer files from one computer to another using a flash drive.