Video transcription

Hi, this is Phillip Toriello, and this is how to breathe, while swimming freestyle. The best way to breathe while swimming freestyle, is to utilize the side breath technique, which allows you to put your ear on your shoulder, and your cheek in the water, with your lips just above the water's surface, to get that breath of air in. The best way to start out, is to go ahead and go to a set of stairs, just so you can become more comfortable with the process. Put your face in the water, and practice a couple of strokes. Blow your bubbles into the water, and take a breath, whenever you feel necessary. Now, there's different ways of doing those side breaths, as far as the routines, or the repetition of it. Some people like to breathe every stroke. Others like to breathe every two strokes, and then most people tend to gravitate, towards breathing every three strokes, when they're in to serious lap swimming, or even competitive style swimming. If you feel good with that, after using the steps, go ahead and gravitate towards a kick board, and just hold onto the kick board, the bottom of it, and just work on pushing the water back, blowing your bubbles out, and taking a side breath, whenever you feel most comfortable. To learn more about side breathing, please contact your local swimming expert.