Video transcription

So you want to know how to use bandanna for some headgear. You want this skull cap huh? Well what you want to do first of, you got your bandanna here, you need to go corner to corner. Depending on your head size is about how far down to the other corner you'll go. Once you get it there, you want to take the flat end side, place that against the head. Bring the two ends to the back, bring it down to sides and overlapping with the corners and a quick tie in the back. Now, another way for the skull cap is you got the second way and you call it ancient mama, going to the front. Same fold, corner to corner, lengthwise; and only this time you want to place the flat end back to the back of the head. Now when you bring this you want to make sure you grab the corner and same, same method, flop into sides, same thing on the other side, quick tie, tuck in your front and then bring tail's end. And finally, is just the old flip. The same thing, only this time you get the flips, you don't have to tuck in the side. All you do is bring it flat end, same fold, corner to corner, flat end to the front of the head and simply, just bring it to the back and tie it. Tie in the back and there you go.