Video transcription

So, you didn't want to go out and buy your Strawberry Shortcake valentines. Well, my name is Robert Segundo and today I'm going to teach you how to make an origami valentine. What we're going to do, is we're going to take a square piece of paper like we have here. We're going to take it and we're going to fold it in half like so, so you can get that crease down the center. Open it back up. I'm going to use the purple side out for my heart. So, I'm going to take this side. Fold the points in like so. There we go. Now, what I'm going to do is I'm going to fold. Actually, you know what I did that backwards. I should have folded them in this way. There we go. Now, we'll flip it over. Fold these points in like so. There we go. Now, we're going to take and we're going to just fold this down. There we go. We have what's starting out to be our heart. And, to finish up our heart what we're going to do is we're going to kind of just fold this corner in like so. Fold this side in too. I actually kind of did that backwards. I got the brown heart instead of the purple. That's alright. Just got to kind of inside fold there like that. There you go. There's your heart and your card. And, you can flip it open like this and write that special message to your valentine. My name is Robert Segundo and happy folding.