Video transcription

Hi everybody, I'm John Graden, I'm a professional speaker, trainer and the author of seven books including The Imposter Syndrome. The question is how do you start a publishing company? In this context we're going to talk about starting a publishing company to publish your own book. It's pretty much the same as though you're starting a publishing company publish other people's book but most of all publishers start out with their own titles then they expand beyond that. So there's some things you can do, like all businesses you want make sure the name is available, you want to make sure the name of the, the business name as a domain name is available. So in other words if it's, if it's Big Dreams Media Inc is what you want as a company you want not .net, not .org, .com. If you can't get that consider tweaking the name around until you can get a domain name that matches your business and nail it down immediately. Second you want to choose the business structure, talk to your accountant and lawyer about weather you're going to do a S corp., C corp., soul proprietor or an LLC. In your area you might have certain licenses that you have to get and all this is pretty typical to get any kind of business going. So let's get specific to publishing. If you're publishing a book you must have an ISPN, its international standard of publication numbers and you get those at You can buy them in blocks of 10 or 100 or 1000, they're not very expensive but that number, it's either 10 or 13 digit number is unique to your book. So if you do a book in an audio series, the audio series gets its own ISPN. So you go into Books Imprint and their very helpful about walking you, hand holding you through the process of getting an ISPN. You want to join a couple of associations. Two that I really like, one is Spans small publishers association in North America I think and the other is the Independent book publishers organization. Dan Poynter is a friend of mine, P O Y N T E R. He has the self publishing bible and that is, that's required reading if you're going to start a publishing company. And finally John Kremer, K R E M E R. His book 1001 ways to market your book is also a bible in the industry. Why is that so important? You're not going to be in the publishing company; you're going to be in the sales and marketing business because your job is to sell those books. I hope that helps! Thanks, bye.