Video transcription

In this clip we'll try to explain a little bit about etiquette. It's a social game. It's a gentleman's game. We shake hands before and after our games. We try not to deride our opponents. We try not to applaud when they miscue and move our bowl closer to the jack. It really is a wonderful, wonderful social game. We are all good friends. The tournament sector of lawn bowling is quite different. The United States is divided into eight sections; Sun City being a member of the southeast division. They play by the rule book. They play to kill. They play to win the games. Are excellent bowlers, all of them. They too are courteous. They pay a lot more attention to being quiet and not moving around in the head when you're opponents bowling; what have you. But, you must win your division to get to the United States championships. Excitement we have a lot of, not kosure on a tournament day, but for our friendly.