Video transcription

Hi my name is Sandy and I'm with The Maids Home Services and I wanted to talk to you about how to clean the inside of a microwave. This has a lot of food obviously that has been cooked in so you really need to make sure that you are pretreating with a good all purpose cleaner, make sure it is a degreaser of some sort kitchen cleaner. Make sure you have got a good scrubbing pad and of course cloths. You want to make sure that you spray on go on ahead and pretreat areas not forgetting the door and some of the areas after you have sprayed in can be pretreating while you are working on a particular section. You definitely want to make sure that you have sprayed the roof and the underneath so it can be dripping down and of course I have already moistened my sponge but make sure your sponge is moistened with water and just pick a section of the microwave to start working your way to the back of the microwave. Then I do the ceiling part last and sometimes you don't have to have your head inside there but you can definitely use your hand in the corners to guide yourself to make sure that you are covering all the areas. Really use the corners of the sponge to square the corners in the back because the food does get into the cracks fast. Then not forgetting the microwave door. Make sure you catch the ledges there. I usually take the plate out, placing the ring on the side and then just wiping this out, getting any excess food that has fallen out and just put that in the sink. Take a cloth after you have done all the loosening with your scrubby, with your all purpose cleaner, you are going to start wiping things down and you are generally just detailing at this point, wiping the areas. I like to fold my cloths and use all sides. Then just dry your ring off, make sure the area is dry and free of crumbs and that will be how you clean the inside of a microwave.