How to Roll Your Hair With Rollers

Video transcription

Hi, my name is Lauren. Today I'm here to discuss how to roll your hair with rollers. There are numerous kinds of rollers, one being your velcro roller. Your velcro roller are very easy to put in by yourself. All they do is roll and your hair attaches to the velcro. So, you don't have to worry about any awkward clips or anything else. Hot rollers are also a really great way to do your hair. Hot rollers you would do on dry hair and velcro rollers or even regular rollers you would do on wet hair. First thing that you want to make sure of is that you have your partings correct. You do not want your partings, your diameter of your partings to be any bigger than what the diameter of your roller is. So, you can actually even measure them out and make sure that they're about the same. The longer your hair the bigger roller you're going to want to use. If you want just a bend at the ends, the larger roller will help with the shorter hair, but it won't really do much. But, maybe give you a little bit more volume and just a bit of a curl under at the ends. The more curl that you want, the smaller diameter you're going to use within your hair. In order to put them in, for the velcro roller you're simply going to undo your sections. Again, my diameter is about as wide as the diameter of the roller and the width of the hair is about the width of what the actual roller is. You may want to do a little bit less than what the width of the roller is. Just so that way you're sure that everything is going to stay on the roller. You're then going to let go of it and let it sit. You're going to want to use some sort of setting lotion or maybe even a spray in order to help hold the hair. You can also use varying size diameters of rollers in order to give multiple types of curl and multiple coiled curls. Some will be a little bit tighter than the others, which is great because naturally curly hair tends to have different kinds of curls throughout it. Some are loser, some are tighter. So, it will help create a very natural effect. And that is how to use rollers.

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